Monday, September 16, 2013

Ground Breaking!!!

They finally have a hole on my lot.  After a few classes today I went by the lot to see that they were in the process of digging on our lot.  I had my daughter with me and she just kept smiling and clapping her hands.  She said she just couldn't wait to tell mommy :).  We are going to go over as a family this evening.  Finally feeling excited again which is why I finally made some updates to this blog!

NVR and Ryan Homes Issues!!

We had nearly 6 weeks worth of delays on ground breaking due to wasting time with NVR mortgage!  I was beginning to get very frustrated with this whole process.  We have switched to another lender as NVR could not get the loan done due to a technicality.  The new lender had a better interest rate and lower fees for the same type of loan so it is for the best anyway.  It is just irritating that NVR caused such an issue and blatantly lied to us which just led to wasting our time.  Overall NVR had our documents over 7 weeks and accomplished nothing.  Having a mortgage finance background myself, I asked if there would be an issues in the day we signed the initial loan documents and was told no.  In the end it was an issues and the loan officer should have known this and not wasted 7 weeks of our time.  Also when they determined that they would not do the loan they did not even tell us for 5 full days.  When they did tell us it was at 6 pm on a Friday so we could not even start the process with another company until Monday, just more delay and irritation.  Once we got the new lender on board they had the loan approved in a mere 18 days.  Really, in 18 days they did better than what NVR did after wasting nearly 7 weeks of our time!  Also NVR was supposed to send our documents over to the new lender and even had me send a notification that they could do this, but never sent anything the new lender needed so we ended up sending all the docs over again and they still were done in 18 days.
In addition to all of the mortgage drama we began to have difficulty getting anyone to answer or respond to us.  NVR was nearly impossible to get in touch with.  Our SR rarely answered the phone, didn't respond to emails for several days and sometimes nearly a week, and frequently didn't return calls.  We had to do an additional change order and it took her over a week to get it to us just to sign and send back.  In the midst of all of this she transferred to another community making it that much more difficult to get things done.  Once our loan was approved our PM says he was not even notified of it, even though we were told several times by our SR that he had been told, until 2 weeks later.  I believe our PM, hopefully now that things are in his hands our experience with them will improve.  I was trying to get an accurate ground breaking date from our SR and felt like I was getting excuses of permits, etc.  Needless to say I am not overly happy with NVR or Ryan Homes at this point.  We will push forward for now though as we want the house but it still has me irritated and not willing to put up with much more from them.