Sunday, October 27, 2013

We've Been Framed (and Windowed and Doored)!

I am certain that this title has never been used on a blog before.... I like to be original.  Oh well, maybe it has been used before.  We went back today to find that all of the windows except the one in the master bathroom have been installed.  They also have the roof completed, the temporary front door on, and the door from the garage into the house installed.  We all walked through again as we are now able to get a real feel for the home.  One thing that we like is that we seem to have a pretty good view from every window in the house.  One thing that I love at our current home is a large (8 foot) bay window that looks out to our large treed lot.  I will miss that but not really a whole lot else about the home will be missed.  That being said I was glad to see that I wouldn't end up feeling completely hemmed in with no view.  Now we look forward to what lies ahead.  I meet with our PM tomorrow, he stated that they were making some changes and he wanted me to meet another PM.  Not sure if we are switching all together or will be working with both yet but we will see.
Windows and Temporary Door In.

I love the height of the garage.
Entrance to Laundry Room from the Garage
Kitchen and Pantry
Pantry and Refrigerator Nook
Laundry Room and Stairs from the Dinette
Family Room with Fireplace in the Background
View from the Dinette towards the front of the house
View of the Living Room from the Hallway
Entry and Stairs to the Basement
Basement with steps to the side and 1/2 Bath in the background
I will make this into a closet in the future
View of the basement from the bathroom hallway
The stairs to the 1st floor with the unfinished storage/mechanical space in the back
The Loft
The upstairs hallway from the front towards the master bedroom
Bub's room
Sis's room
Master bath with a huge linen closet and our soon to be walk in shower
Master bedroom from sis's room
Additional view of the master bedroom
The cutout for our tray ceiling
Master closet and kid's/hallway bathroom 
View from the master toward the signature clock tower

Frame Up Day 3!

Now it really looks like a house and it looks beautiful.  The completed the 2nd floor exterior and interior.  All that is left is to complete the roof and wrap it up.
Doesn't it look beautiful.  I was surprised to see the trim decorative trim up already.
They were finishing up the day by tacking down part of the wrap.
The kids wanted to go back and see the house
Thoroughly examining the garage "but there is nails on the floor dad"
They wanted a pic.  Aren't they cute!
Bub standing in his room.
Sis in her room.
Looking out the master bedroom windows.

Frame Up Day 2!

They put up the 2nd floor base and started the framing of the 2nd floor exterior.  These pics were by my wife during the day.  She didn't go in since they were still working.  By the time I arrived it was again dark but I went in and walked around.  Now I have been able to visit all the floors of our home to be :).  I am excited to see it tomorrow!

Frame Up Day 1 :)

It is finally beginning to look like a house.  Sorry some of the pics are dark and grainy, it was late on my way home from work again.  My wife was able to take a few from the outside during the day also.  We can't wait for the next couple of days of progress.  Onward and upward!
The front of the house
The back of the house
The notch for our fireplace

I have basement stairs.  I was able to enter my mancave for the first time!!!
I also have the start of a garage

Prepping for Frame Up!

Structural support beams.

Pretty Little Package Delivery

It doesn't look like much from these pictures but that is a lot of wood.  I also took a look at an invoice on the packaging, it stated a cost of $24k in lumber.  Also the blueprints were in a bag up by the garage so I had a look at those also :).
The background pile is all the framing itself.
This is part of the wrap in the foreground.

This is the rafters, floor supports, plywood, and fasteners.
The stairs, windows, garage to house door, and temporary front door were dropped off the following day.