Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Final Flooring Selections

Well after several issues with flooring selection we have now made our final choices.  We had selected the previously shown Engineered Hardwood that we are absolutely in love with.  However we have been told that in this area the builders will not do an Engineered Hardwood except on a slab foundation.  This still makes very little sense to me as I know that this can be done and many other areas are able to do this.  We Like the floor that we have ended up with but we Loved the floor we originally selected.  It had lots of texture and color variation to it that gave it a very unique character that none of the other selections had.  We are trying to stick to somewhat of a craftsman theme for the house and both feel that the first selection was also much more fitting.  So far this has been my only issue with Ryan Homes but it is one that was very irritating.  Anyway as follows is our final flooring selections.

  • Simple Touch Sand Swept Carpet - Whole House - $3,565
  • Upgraded Padding to 8 lb. Admiral - Basement and Main Floor - $675
  • Rustic Heritage 5" Wide Birch in Tobacco Brown - Foyer, Kitchen, and Dinette - $4,190
  • Station Square X2122 - Upstairs Hall Bath - $50
  • Station Square X2080 - Basement Powder Room - $50
  • Station Square X2083 - Main Floor Powder Room, Laundry, Master Bath - $200
We also added a switched receptacle in the upper cabinets in the kitchen ($110) for future under cabinet lighting.
Rustic Heritage 5" Hand Scrapped Birch in Tobacco Brown
The end result of the hardwood will be something like this.
Station Square X2122 - Upstairs Hall Bath
Station Square X2083 - Main Floor Powder Room, Laundry Room, and Master Bathroom
Station Square X2080 - Basement Powder Room
Simple Touch Sand Swept Carpet - Whole House

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Timeline update!!

Ok, third post today.  I told you I was behind, this is actually from today though.  We went to the model to make a few changes and sign off on some things.  Our SR looked at our timeline and noted that an estimated ground breaking day is Aug 7. This is both very exciting as I can't wait to have our new home, and stressful at the same time.  This would have us in the house in Oct instead of the previously projected Nov.  This is good news!!!  The stress comes from having to get a bunch of other loose ends tied up before then.  I can't wait for groundbreaking though.  I am so excited for the build to start and go by and see the progress each day. My kids are also excited and I think the process will be a great learning experience for them also. There is another Florence (elevation D) going up on the lot next to us.  We have been by it a few times and the kid's, especially our daughter, thinks that it is ours.  This has given us several chuckles already during this process and I am sure more are to come.

More Changes and Some of Our Own Additions

Well I posted this earlier today and I am already back on here to edit it.  We are going to stick with the fiberglass set-in shower in the master bathroom.  The reason for this is, that it is going to cost quite a bit more than we planned (over $3k) and still not really be what I was wanting.  I have relatives that are masons and can probably do this for much less cost in the future.  As a result we are going to drop the tile flooring in the master bath for now also.  We are switching it to the same resilient flooring that will be in the basement 1/2 bath.  We also made some changes to our other flooring selections earlier but our Rite Rug SR still has not submitted the codes and it has been more than a week since I told her.  We are now down to the wire as tomorrow is the last real day that we will have to meet and sign off on changes.  We did meet with our RH SR and made a few other changes today as follows.

  • Changed all bathroom fixtures, faucets, towel bars, TP holders, and shower door to oil rubbed bronze ($1,195)
  • Added 2 pendant lights over island ($395)
  • Added outlet on stone fireplace for mounted TV hookup ($195)
  • Delete master bathroom tile (-$995)
  • Other flooring changes (???? - still waiting :{  we are wanting to change from the laminate flooring to a hardwood flooring in the Entry, Dinette, and Kitchen, also we selected a carpet that was a little lighter in color)
Master Bathroom and Basement 1/2 Bath

Entry Foyer, Dinette, and Kitchen
Engineered 5" Handscraped Hickory Plank Hardwood
The look in a room
The changed carpet color for the whole house

We have been looking at several different options for fixtures throughout the home.  This is some of the items that we are currently talking about purchasing for our home.
Family Room Ceiling Fan
I think this will be very fitting with the exterior styling and the stone fireplace.

Garage Door Opener
Changed from what I originally thought.  This one is a 3/4 hp, belt driven with 2 remotes, keypad, battery backup, auto close option (1, 5, or 10 min timer), plus a remote that links to lights in the house.
This one is only $10 more than the one I initially looked at but has a better warranty and more features.

Also we are debating getting a touch faucet for the Kitchen sink instead of the one I had posted previously.  It is about $140 more but would be so much more convenient.  I really do not like having to touch the faucet when I am cooking, especially with chicken.
Delta Addison Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet in Venetian Bronze with Touch2O Technology and MagnaTite Docking
Delta Addison with Pull-Down Sprayer and Touch Technology $355 at HD

Guardian Meeting

I am a little late in getting this post up but here it is.  I must start by saying that I was not really looking forward to this meeting.  I read a lot of negative reviews about Guardian as a whole.  My experience was a good one though.  Our SR was honest and personable and did not use any high pressure sales tactics that I had read was often the case.  He asked what service providers we used and what rooms we would want equipment in, then showed us what we would need to make it work.  Here is what we ended up with.
  • Pre-wire for wall mounted TV over the fireplace
  • Pre-wire for rear surround sound speakers in the basement (this will be used for the surround sound system that I currently have)
  • 5.1 Surround Sound system (ceiling mounted) in the family room
  • 3 high speed internet hookups in the loft, family room, and basement (upgraded to Cat6e)
  • 5 Pack of extra lines + 1 free line
    • Total cost for everything $2,305
The other things that were offered just did not have the value for me.  The central vac to me is just not worth the cost.  The intercom, my voice can carry to the neighbors house so this is definitely not needed.  As for the security system I see the value in it, I just have a hard time justifying the cost for a what-if scenario.  That is just me, always stressing about costs.

Thanks to our SR for making what I felt was going to be a bad experience, into a pleasant one.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Flooring Selections

We went to Rite Rug today and made our flooring selections.  It was a little stressful, but also lots of fun.  I was a little disappointed that they have done away with Level 1 upgrades, but If they were having problems with them I can understand why.  It just created a little bit of a sticker shock moment in the long run.  All said and done though, we are very happy with our selections.

Click on the Picture to Enlarge It.

  1. Upgraded 8 lb. Padding to Main Level and Basement - $675
  2. Upstairs Hall Bath (Station Square X2122) - $50
  3. Andover Square Cabinet in Upstairs Hall Bath
  4. Scottsdale Espresso Cabinets in Kitchen
  5. Jamocha Granite Kitchen Countertop
  6. Island Koa Laminate in Kitchen, Dinette, and Entry Foyer - $2,815
  7. Intuitive Tavern Textured Carpet throughout the whole house - $3,565
  8. Midnight Black (looks kind of smokey) Hand Rails
  9. Main floor Powder Room, and Laundry Room (Station Square X2080) - $125
  10. Basement Powder Room (Station Square X2121) - $50
  11. Bathroom Countertops
  12. Accent Tile for Master Shower
  13. Master Bathroom floor 12"x12" (Sandalo) tile, and 9"x12" (Stone Radiance) tile - $995
  14. Scottsdale Maple Cognac Master Vanity Cabinet
Kitchen, Dinette, and Entry
(Island Koa Laminate)
Living Room, Family Room, Bedrooms, Loft, Hallways, Stairs, and Basement
(Shaw Intuitive Tavern #201)
Main Floor 1/2 Bath, and Laundry Room
(Station Square X2080)
Upstairs Hall Bathroom
(Station Square X2122)
Basement Half Bath
(Station Square X2121)
We still have to talk to our PM about our bathroom.  We selected the option of a full size shower with a linen closet, but we do not want the fiberglass drop-in shower.  We have selected the following tiles to take the place of the drop-in, but have yet to hear what, or if, there is going to be an additional non-standard charge to us for this change.