Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Couple of Extra Purchases

Just got home from Menards.  I wanted to cash in on the 11% back sale a little.  I purchased my garage door opener and a can of chalkboard paint.  The garage door opener was already on sale from $248 to $223 then with the 11% rebate card I am saving about another $25 dollars.  Thus I am saving a total of almost $50 on the opener or 20%.

The garage door opener is a Chamberlain 3/4 HP belt driven with a wireless keypad, 2 remotes, obstruction sensors, LED garage interior keypad with motion sensor for the light, and a control that links the remotes to an interior light.  The opener has a programmable auto close timer, and battery backup.  It also has MyQ which means that simply by adding a wireless transmitter (about $60) I can control the garage door opener and multiple other devices with a cell phone, tablet, or computer.  With this system you can control lights, lamps, and other things in the house.
The Chalk Board paint will be used for the angled wall in the kitchen.  It will be a great spot for a calendar, to do list, family messages, etc.


  1. LOVE the idea of doing a chalk board wall.

  2. Let us know about the chalk board, I used that same material on a board my hubby made for me. It ended up not being chalk friendly at all, and made a mess when erased and left behind the writing in a shadow once wiped away so I had to change it to a dry erase board.

    Just an FYI if you have never used the product and maybe it was just ME!!

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I have not used it before but have read several things about having to cure it first. I will try a little tester piece of drywall and see what happens before I do the whole wall. If it doesn't work, I will find a product that does.

  3. I really like the idea of controlling the garage door with a cell phone. That is cool! No more getting three blocks from the house and going back to check. Just tap a few buttons on the phone and close it, if it were open. The feature of turning on a light inside the hose with the garage door transmitter is meat too. I like it.