Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Past Weeks Progression

Everything seems to be moving right along.  They have installed the Master Bath window, water barrier and shower pan for the Master shower, temporary handrails, fireplace insert, plumbing, HVAC ducts, cold air returns and furnace, gas lines, moved the kid's bathtub into place, installed washer and dryer hookups, dishwasher hookup, fireplace gas shutoff valve, flu for range hood venting to exterior, water heater, basement window, water main shutoff, box frame for tray ceiling (my PM is angling the corners for me per my request), rafter access box installed, wiring for thermostat in place, and handles for the front door and garage to laundry room door.  They also started installing electrical wiring and boxes while I was there Friday.  I haven't yet seen what all they accomplished and will probably check it out sometime today.
Master Bathroom window
Water barrier for master shower
Temporary rail in place
Fireplace insert with gas line underneath and shutoff to the right
Kid's bathtub in place with additional plumbing
Cold air return system
Cold air return in kitchen/dinette
Washer and Dryer hookups
Plumbing lines
Dishwasher and sink hookups (the dishwasher will be my wife's favorite thing)
Flu for range hood vent with extra bracing for wall cabinets
Water heater (they still have to install the re-circulator)
Basement window being well utilized right now
Water main shutoff valve
Master ceiling tray box in place
Rafter access box
Thermostat wiring in place
Furnace installed ( I am not overly happy with the placement.  With the layout of the furnace, venting, water heater and sump pump, it effectively takes nearly half of our storage space out of play)
Front door handle in Oil Rubbed Bronze (love it!)
Oil Rubbed Bronze interior garage handle


  1. I have a question, about spare bathroom on the second floor.
    Do you have a heater outlet in this bathroom?
    Thank you.

    1. Do you mean a heat vent? Now that you mention it, I do not think that there is. I will have to take a look at that and get back to you.

    2. Yes, heat vent.
      Because I have noticed only on my 30-day inspection that I have heating in spare bathroom, and it's strange. Thank you.

    3. Sorry it took so long to reply again, but I have looked and there is no vent in that bathroom. This strikes me as somewhat strange. I understand that it is in the center of the house but still you would think there would be heat in the room.

    4. Hm strange. But the model house do have this vent. Thank you.