Friday, November 22, 2013

Delayed Closing :(

We were going to close on Dec. 10 and then move on the following weekend.  This would have been a crunch for time but that was ok.  But alas we have been delayed yet again.  This time though it is due to the government shutdown.  We will now be closing on Dec. 20th.  This means we will not be moving until after Christmas.  While we would have loved to be in prior to Christmas this does give us more time to get things done first.  We are now planning on moving the weekend after Christmas.  Soo this is both somewhat sad but also a possible blessing in disguise.


  1. That stinks! We r still on schedule but I am having a hard time believing it's really gonna happen on time...Where r u guys at? We have 1st coat of paint on drywall.

    1. We are in SW Ohio. Hopefully things stay on track for you.